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When visitors come to your website is it easy for them to ask you a question? One of the critical issues with online properties is the lack of "human touch". A simple and effective way to add personal attention back into your website is to provide your users and customers with a one-click way to ask questions and request follow up information. Providing a generic contact us email within your about us section is not enough.

We have developed an easy to implement and even easier to use Contact Us form, which will enable your users to quickly send a request from any page on your website. Research demonstrates that this extra level of customer care and responsiveness makes a significant difference in building customer loyalty and in bridging the trust gap towards a purchasing decision. In less than 10 minutes you can extend your customer care and improve your overall return on investment.

-Easy to Customize: Customize your "thank-you" message and email
-Easy to Manage: Installs in less than 10 minutes!
-Easy to Maintain: Fully hosted and supported

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